New model in the line of EVO canopies – Chinook EVO tandem

“A long-awaited announcement!” or “As many of you requested!”

We’re starting the year 2021 with awesome news – we are starting to take orders for the new tandem-canopy ChinookEVO!

What are the main features of this particular tandem-canopy and what is so innovative about it?

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Record-breaking 2020! Or Impossible – is possible!

Often, when the best come together – there‘s a reason to shoot for the National Record!

And when the best come together at the airfield – the Record will surely have to do with the world of Skydiving!

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Project Evolution Live!

Before we even go into specifics of the design of the Skylark Evo line of canopies, we would like to ensure our customers understand the important design features of any ram air canopy and how these features translate into aerodynamic performance?