Reserve canopy Standard-7

Standard-7 cell Let’s talk about one of the most important parts of your equipment. Try skydiving without it and, let’s just say, it’ll be a challenging situation! So, the reserve. Is there anyone who doubts the importance of this part of the skydiving equipment? It’s not a coincidence at all that the reserve canopy is […]

New model in the line of EVO canopies – Chinook EVO tandem

“A long-awaited announcement!” or “As many of you requested!”

We’re starting the year 2021 with awesome news – we are starting to take orders for the new tandem-canopy ChinookEVO!

What are the main features of this particular tandem-canopy and what is so innovative about it?

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Record-breaking 2020! Or Impossible – is possible!

Often, when the best come together – there‘s a reason to shoot for the National Record!

And when the best come together at the airfield – the Record will surely have to do with the world of Skydiving!

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