The presentation of this project was being prepared for the Polish Skydive Symposium (March 2022), in which Skylark was supposed to participate. But 24th of February Russia changed not only our plans. It shook the whole world.

The war continues and every day we are one step closer to our victory, a free and peaceful life, which means one step closer to the complete cleansing of Ukraine from the Russian occupier. We hope that the Symposium will still take place this year. And today we want to present you something interesting, unique and new!.

It is already available for download in the Play Market and soon in the Apple Store!

Design your canopy quickly and easily!

The Skylark Canopy Design app is designed to create the look of your order.

No more need to develop your own imagination and fantasy! A few steps to a realistic visualization of your canopy in 3D and AR (augmented reality).

  • Install the application on your gadget.
  • Choose your preferred parachute model from the Skylarkparachutes line of parachutes.
  • Color the canopy the way you want! Don’t forget about details!
  • Check out in 3D how it will look during the flight.
  • Select the AR mode and point the camera at the image of the unique Skylarkparachutes marker. Your order becomes a natural picture of your parachute!
  • Thanks to visualization, you will be able to correct everything you need in the colors of your parachute in time.

So that the parachute is exactly the way you want!

Send your project to us – your order will be automatically accepted! We will contact you!

Direct link to install application

qrcode_12394358_undefined-3-300x300 Skylark Design Canopy - Design your canopy quickly and easily!  Skylark

Skylark_logo1_app-200x300 Skylark Design Canopy - Design your canopy quickly and easily!  Skylark