-Ody1-1-200x300 Odyssey EVO  Skylark
odysseyEvoLogo-300x73 Odyssey EVO  Skylark

MSRP: $1900

Odyssey EVO – modern 9-cell elliptical canopy of the “high performance” class. Recommended for experienced pilots.


Odyssey EVO – is the perfect choice for advanced canopy pilots, who like to load their wings heavy, but also look for good openings and extended shallow glide. Odyssey has everything a swooper needs: long recovery arch, light front risers, responsive back risers and great powerful toggles at the end of the swoop.

Odyssey Evo is a great example of how Evo platform raises the bar for non-cross-braced canopies to the level of ultra high performance wings. Recommended wing loading for Odyssey-Evo is between 1.4 to 2.5 lbs/sq.ft


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od-e_sketch Odyssey EVO  Skylark

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