Why Chinook EVO?

Comparison of tandem glide paths To demonstrate the high performance of the new Chinook EVO tandem, we prepared a small aerodynamic calculation of the glide paths of the classic 340-foot tandem and Chinook EVO in S and M sizes (285 and 315 sq ft). The main condition is that the all-up weight of the systems […]

New wingsuits canopy Drakkar EVO. SOON!

So, let’s talk about our new canopy – what possibilities will show us this unique 5cell EVO canopy? The wingsuit discipline is rapidly developing, popularizing nowadays. The level of piloting is growing and the winger’s suits are increasing in size. It’s no secret that the larger the wingsuit, the greater the vortex path it creates […]

Reserve canopy Standard-7

Standard-7 cell Let’s talk about one of the most important parts of your equipment. Try skydiving without it and, let’s just say, it’ll be a challenging situation! So, the reserve. Is there anyone who doubts the importance of this part of the skydiving equipment? It’s not a coincidence at all that the reserve canopy is […]