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MSRP: $1700

Magellan – modern 9-cell semi-elliptical main canopy of popular intermediate class.


Magellan is our take on a popular mid-range semi-elliptical class of canopies. We made it consistently stable and predictable, but we never forgot what our sport is all about – fun!

Magellan offers:

  • comfortable, consistent openings
  • soft and easy to master steering
  • good gliding performance
  • easy on front risers
  • powerful flare
  • good swoop performance at higher wing loading

All of the above make Magellan your reliable fun partner in day-to-day skydiving.

Loaded up to 1.2 lb/sq.ft. Magellan offers smooth steering and low descent rate, which makes it easy to handle for the beginners. Load it a bit heavier and Magellan becomes a perfect vehicle to learn basics of high performance piloting.

sq. ft.
Packing volume
cubic inches
lb (kg)
Aspect ratio
MA-1002826 (3)2.58
MA-1103036 (3)2.58
MA-1203247 (3)2.58
MA-1303457 (3)2.58
MA-1403667 (3)2.58
MA-1503878 (3)2.58
MA-1604088 (3)2.58
MA-1704298 (4)2.58
MA-1904718 (4)2.58

Recommended wing loading range is 0.95 – 1.85 lb/sq.ft. Wing loading for the best flight performance lies in the range of 1.2 – 1.6 lb/sq.ft.

Magellan is made of ZP fabric in the following sizes: 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 and 190 sq.ft. The canopy is equipped with Vectran lines, collapsible slider with stainless grommets and comes with a set of soft links.

We recommend to use our canopies only with kill-line pilot chute, made of ZP fabric and no more than 700mm in diameter. Recommended riser length is 500 mm. Recommended packing is ProPack.


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