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MSRP: $1650

Commodore is a modern, innovative 9-cell student canopy.


Learning the art of canopy piloting imposes special requirements to the equipment in use: precise and comfortable deployment, high stability under ultra low load, flat glide path with sufficient horizontal speed, easy flare and landing. Commodore meets all of these requirements.

Upper skin and ribs of the Commodore are made of Zero Porosity fabric, other parts are made of F-111. This combination significantly extends service life of the canopy also making packing easy.

The unique feature of Commodore is the use of split panels in the bottom skin. This enables the use of high contrast color patterns, which helps to easily spot the student canopy even in the crowded sky.


Recommended wing loading of Commodore is between 0.6 and 1.25 lb/sq.ft. Recommended wing loading for the students is 0.65 – 0.90 lb/sq.ft. The canopy is available in following sizes: 190, 210, 230, 250, 270 and 290.

Commodore is equipped with collapsible slider and Dacron-525 lines. Lower steering lines are made of Dacron-1000.

sq. ft.
Packing volume
cubic inches
lb (kg)
Aspect ratio
CO-19047610 (5)2.49
CO-21052011 (5)2.49
CO-23056412 (5)2.49
CO-25060813 (6)2.49
CO-27065214 (6)2.49
CO-29069615 (7)2.49


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