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Scirocco  - cutting-edge 30 sectional canopy
«ultra high performance» class for swoop competitions.
Designed only for advanced pilots!
Rapid developments in high performance canopy piloting
constantly pushes parachute manufacturers to raise the bar for the technical
excellence of their products. After two years of rigorous search to find
the most optimal configuration for a modern high performance canopy,
we are happy to introduce to you our new product: «Scirocco», 30 cell, fully cross-braced canopy for high performance canopy piloting. While developing Scirocco we have considered almost every single comment from expert canopy pilots covering the major aspects of the discipline:

 Harder openings are often an immanent characteristic of cross-braced canopies.
However, unlike the rest of the cross-braced counterparts, «Scirocco» has soft, predictable openings in both terminal and sub-terminal speeds. Openings are also well controlled by rear risers. The new canopy can be equipped with a patented removable deployment system (RDS). Removable slider can be easily operated by one hand.
Riser Pressure
While diving, the front riser pressure increases. This makes it more difficult for a pilot to keep a canopy in the dive and to control the trajectory of the recovery ark.

Design of the new profile along with the optimized trim has dramatically reduced the front riser pressure during the entire diving sequence. As a result, the rear risers also demonstrated more stability and increased efficiency even during the slower flight phase.

Bottom end and slow flight characteristics
Larger number of cells in crossed-braced canopies has always been a detrimental factor for the canopy lift at slow speeds. On the contrary, the Sciroco’s toggle input enables the pilot to utilize the energy of the turn more effectively, thus increasing distance results and helping to maintain the shape of the canopy until a complete stop.
Main design characteristics
One of the main characteristics of «Scirocco» is its smaller air intakes combined with heterogeneous 30-cell cross-bracing scheme. These features dramatically improved
aerodynamic stability and air flow over the surfaces of the canopy. In addition to that, increased aspect ratio, unique elliptical shape and new stabilizer design helped to
decrease both profile and intake airflow resistance to minimal levels!
Available sizes and wing loading
Recommended wind loading for «Scirocco» is 1,9 – 2,6 lbs/ft ². Optimal loading range for the canopy piloting competitions is 2,2 – 2,5 lbs/ft ². «Scirocco» is available in following sizes: 64, 68, 72, 77, 82, 87, 93, 99, 106, 114, 124 ft ².

«Scirocco» can be equipped with either HMA-350 or HMA-400. To increase life span of the lines we recommend using HMA-400 on the highly loaded canopy sizes from

87 to 124 sq ft and especially for the flyers with greater exit weight. Steering lines are made from HMA-950 and are trimmed for competition style of flying. Considering that thinner lines require considerably more attention and care we complement
«Scirocco» with protective line bumpers.
Model, size Packing volume, cubic inches
Lb (Kg)
Max wingloading
Lb (Kg)

SC-64 232 4 (2) 166 (75)
SC-68 242 4 (2) 177 (80)
SC-72 253 4 (2) 187 (85)
SC-77 266 4 (2) 200 (91)
SC-82 279 5 (2) 213 (97)
SC-87 291 5 (2) 226 (103)
SC-93 307 5 (2) 242 (110)
SC-99 323 5 (2) 257 (117)
SC-106 341 6 (3) 265 (120)
SC-114 361 6 (3) 265 (120)
SC-124 387 6 (3) 265 (120)
Basic set
We use polyurethane treated zero porosity material on all of the parachutes produced by Skylark. Basic set includes choice of standard collapsible slider or patented complete RDS system with removable slider and rotating metal connector. Both sliders are equipped with stainless steel grommets. Also, the set includes 4 soft links.

Risers and pilot chutes
We recommend using only ZP collapsible pilot chutes with a diameter no more then 28 inches. It is also recommended to use different size risers: starting from 20 inches for 64 ft², up to 24 inches for 124 ft².

Standard Pro pack is the recommended packing technique.

Any use of texts, photos, order forms and their fragments without the written approval of owner TM SKYLARK is forbidden!

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